Landgestüt Celle

Stallion Performance Tests

Dates & Results

14-day-test jumping
05.04. - 18.04.2019

14-day-test dressage
11.09. - 24.09.2019

50-day-test jumping
10.10. - 28.11.2019

All Infomation about the stallion-performance-test you get here!

Open daily for visitors :
Mon. - Thu. 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
Fri. - Sun. 8.00 am to 12.00 noon

Stallion Performance Station Adelheidsdorf
An der HPA 1
29352 Adelheidsdorf
Leader: HSM W. Witte

Phone: +49 5141 88561-81
Fax: +49 5141 88561-4

The stallion performance testing station in Celle was founded in 1927, after the founding of the station in Zwion (East Preußen) the previous year. Over the years, the performance test has been constantly adjusted to suit the current breeding requirements. Since the mid 70s, next to the interior, the horses’ gaits, the ride ability and the jumping ability are part of the test.

To ensure that the examination conditions are standardised and the results are kept open, the organisation of the stallion performance tests in the area, is since 2011 overlooked by the FN in Warendorf. Stallion owners can chose which station they want their stallion to go to, and are able to enrol them independently over the internet.

We strive to optimise the training and keeping of our own and foreign stallions, to give them the best possible chance to succeed as a riding horse. Training plans are designed, to ensure a diverse and balanced training programme for young and old stallions. The dressage and jumping training in the riding arenas, the outdoor riding rings and the gallop and jumping training cross country is complemented with the daily exercise of the stallions in the horse walkers. As a balance to the hard work for mind and body, relaxing trail rides through the Heide, lunging in a halter and time in one of the paddocks is also part of the stallions weekly exercise routine. To enable a strong bond between the stallions and their rider, we work with set exercise plans, which are adjusted accordingly by the leader of the stallion testing station. Additionally we take a special interest in the bodily care of the stallions. Our own team of vets and farriers’ is on site on a daily basis and work closely with each rider. Furthermore the feeding plans are under constant revision in close contact with the external feeding company Schade&Partner, to ensure that every stallion receives the optimised ration according to its age and level of exercise.

We are not only modernising our training and feeding regimes, also the stables and living condition of the horses are under constant surveillance. Through this keen eye, we were able to optimise every stable with the help of the Konjunkturprogramme II of the county Niedersachsen. Each box increased in size by one third, the visibility between the stables was established so that the stallions have more social interaction, and a window to the outside was added into every box.

You are welcome to look around in our stallion performance station!

Information about the application, guidelines for the performance test and implementing rules you kan directly get by the FN in Warendorf.
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