Landgestüt Celle

Back to the roots – give identity! The society of the friends of the Lower Saxonian State Stud Celle e.V.

Historische Turmuhr des Grabenseestalles

The Lower Saxonian State Stud Celle is the gamete of the Hanoverian horse breeding. In 2010, this very old institution, celebrated its 275 year jubilee. King George II, the king of Great Britain and elector of Hanover, founded the State Stud Celle at the river banks of the Fuhse, to support the agricultural horse breeding industry as an early way of an economic boost.

The horse breeders are still the main and central focus of this modern service providing institution. The main objective is the promotion of stallions with exceptional quality for the breeding industry. But the many functions of the State Stud got more and more divers over the years. The stallion performance testing has been developed, with its first testing station in Germany in Westercelle, which has changed to be the world renowned stallion performance testing station Adelheidsdorf.

For more than a century the Celle stallion parade is a magnet for spectators which come far and wide from all over Europe. The education of the horses and riders, the promotion of the competition sport, but also the up brining of the human and animal youngsters is part of the programme.

The history and the demand, as a modern service provider, to aid the breeders in any way, bring with it many difficulties especially in the financial sector. The society of the friends of the Lower Saxonian State Stud e.V. has set themselves these goals:

  •  We want to help to preserve the State Stud in all its beauty. Especially the historic carriages and uniforms are important to us, but also the valuable book collection and the old emblem landmark: the tower clock on top of the Grabensee stable.
  •  In cases where the county Lower Saxony is not able to, we are willing to help improve the buildings and the site itself within the boundaries of our possibilities.
  •  We want to help, to improve the status of the State Stud as the image holder of the horse county Lower Saxony. For this the publishing of picture books and festschrift is important.


Until now we have funded the following projects with the donations and the membership fees:

 The refurbishment of the historic tower clock on top of the Grabensee stable
 The publishing of the stud chronic “passion”, on the occasion of the 275 year jubilee
 Setting up memorial stones with the names of all the Landstallmeister (stable managers/masters)
 Lamination of the State Studs truck and trailers with images and publicity for the State Stud Celle
 Building of the Weltmeyer fountain - Planting of an oak tree and a sycamore tree
 Refurbishment of the oldest personal and breeding books (currently happening)


When becoming a member, you help to preserve this important high level institution. As a society with committed members with a horse breeding background, interesting in sport, politics and the economy, this society is also a place for information exchange. The society of the friends of the State Stud Celle is a place where a varied group of personalities from many areas in live come together for a good cause. Interested? To become a member click here!

The funding members:

  • Klaus Rathert (President of the Niedersächsischen Sparkassenverbandes)
  • Friedrich Jahncke (honorary chairman of the Hanoverian Association e.V.)
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Sieme (Direktor oft he Reproduktionsmedizinischen Einheit der Kliniken der Tierärztlichen Hochschule Hannover)
  • Thomas Mang (President of the Niedersächsischen Sparkassenverbandes)
  • Dr. Herbert Severin (Mayor of the a.D. Stadt Celle)
  • Prof. Dr. Erich Klug (†Director a.D. oft he Reproduktionsmedizinischen Einheit der Kliniken der Tierärztlichen Hochschule Hannover)
  • Dr. h.c. Martin Biermann (Mayor of the Stadt Celle)
  • Carola Schwennsen (Manager of the Fachausstellungen Heckmann GmbH)
  • Thomas Vorholt (chairman of the VGH Versicherungen Hannover)
  • Dr. Dietrich Hoppenstedt (president a.D. of the Deutschen Sparkassenverbandes)
  • Manfred Schäfer (1. Chairman oft he Hanoverian Association e.V.)
  • Dr. Hannes Rehm (Chairman of the Vorstandes der Nord-LB)
  • Stefan Aust (Chief editon a.D. „Der Spiegel“, Journalist, Herausgeber & Moderator „Spiegel-TV“, Buchautor, Regisseur)

Klaus Rathert (1. Chairman) and Friedrich Jahncke (2. Chairman) resigned after 4 years in their office. Now the stable master Dr. Burchard Bade and Manfred Schäfer function as chairmen. Here you can find the membership form. The membership fee is 20 Euros per year, and every donation is appreciated. (Sparkasse Celle, Account Nr. 168 213 130, BLZ 257 500 01)

Of course you will receive a receipt for your donation.



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