Landgestüt Celle

Stallions, Show and Starry Sky

The premier of the stallion parade 2011 was sold out and the Celle State Stud celebrated with the spectators. The evening event Stallions, Show and Stars in the Sky invited this year under the theme “Stallions & Fire” to a colourful evening. Our stallions, staff, host Patricia Harlos and many guests in the program, luckily proved to be fire resistant.

The start to this amazing event was made in the twilight by the gallop quadrille, which was ridden one handed with a torch in the other hand. Speed is also the trade mark of the Hungarian post, which was performed under floodlight to the tunes of Carl Orffs Carmina Burana. Full of excitement the jumping quadrille, which showed dynamic and speed through their performance.

That fire is not a problem for the flight animal horse if it trusts its rider, was demonstrated by the police riding squad Hanover with their imposing horses. How far the horses trust goes was shown through a little ball game by the police squad. After two police horses galloped across the ring with their eyes covered, blind, trusting their riders to guide them, even the last person could grasp the quality of the education that these horses receive. The atmosphere was also great, as the kings carriage and the 2 horse quadrille with their historic carriages showed their talent. Even the original lanterns were presented in style. For a moment, one thought to be back in the street of London around the mid 1900’s!

Fiery temperament was presented to Spanish music by the stallion Hochadel, who danced to the tunes accompanied by four Spanish dancers. And when we have the theme fire – the fire fighters have to be there as well! As a modern working institution, they presented a tour through the history of the fire fighters. Especially the historic fire trucks amazed the audience.

The big dressage quadrille also pulled the spectators of their seats! During the day this performance is astonishing, but at night lit by fire, the choreography and precision work is an unbeatable spectacle.

With flying sparks, a fire show and the big final, Partricao Harlos finished the stallion parade and send the enthusiastic guests home.

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