Landgestüt Celle

Nostalgia and sport, a perfect combination!

Historical driving culture in Celle from 25th to 26th of August! Horse carriages were the most important means of transport for centuries. At the CIAT (Concours International d’Attelage de Tradition) those almost forgotten traditions will be brought back to life. Enchant yourself with a driving culture steeped in history, lifestyles from different historical epochs and follow plenty of carriages through the residence city Celle.

The tournament consists out of several disciplines. First the presentation on Saturday is evaluated in which the behavior of the horses is also slipped in. Second the drives in the ground and at the distance level at Sunday slip in to the result. Each carriage has to pass a distance of 15 kilometers through Celle, country roads and the French garden in a given period.

Five submission tasks have to be fulfilled in front of several judges. This part of the tournament aims to show submission and endurance of the horses. The obstacle course is the final part of the competition. The participants have to drive through 20 obstacles, each marked with two bowls. At every bowl, a small ball is placed. A hit of the carriage with the bowl leads to the drop of that ball and results in a fault. Additionally a given time must not be exceeded.

Individual placements for each discipline of the competition will be awarded as well as a final overall placement, which is a calculation of all disciplines from the competition.

Entrance is free!

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(Photos by M. Schwöbel)
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