Landgestüt Celle

Cornado I

by Cornet Obolensky (Windows v.h.Costersv.) - Acobat I - Cantus pedigree

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  • 2.500,-
  • frozen semen
  • grey
  • 2003
  • %3Cp%3E17+hands%3C%2Fp%3E
  • 2006:
    DI: 90,65/14.
    SI: 146,4/1.
  • Schulze-Averdiek,Antonius 48720 Rosendahl, Baumbergerstr.43
  • EU-Embryo-Transfer-Station Celle
Cornado I sets the standards in sport and breed!

His career is brilliant and his offsprings emulate their father. This stallion adds to the best sporthorses in the world and the crowd is always celebrating the performances from Cornado I with his rider Marcus Ehning. Highlight of their current career include the World Equestrian Games 2014 where the German team placed 4th and they received 10th individually..

Cornado I resides to the top 1% of the German jumping stallions with a breed value of 152. His foals are outstanding and always reach high prices at auctions. Cornado I already has 5 licensed descendants, which include Cordynox and Concilio. His son Cooper shows the potential to win the German Bundeschampionat for six-years-old jumping horses.
Cornet Obolensky (Windows v.h.Costersv.) BWPSchimmel
Clinton HolstSchimmel
Corrado I HolstSchimmel
Urte I HolstBraun
Rabanna van Costersveld BWPDunkelbraun
Heartbreaker KWPNBraun
Holivea van Costersveld SBS
Acobata HolstSchimmel
Acobat I HolstSchimmel
Athlet Z HannSchimmel
Tschita HolstSchimmel
Athena HolstBraun
Cantus HolstSchimmel
Karina HolstBraun
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