Celle Stallion Parades

The Celler Stallion Parades 2015

“Classical Stallion Parades”
26th of September, 1 pm
27th of September, 1 pm

“Jubilee Parades”
03th of October, 1 pm
04th of October, 1 pm

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Traditionally, for over 100 years, the stallion parade takes place on the two last weekends of September. Magnificent stallions, sparkling harnesses and historic uniforms on the parade grounds of the State Stud, surrounded by historic buildings and majestic trees, make this event a wonderful experience for young and old.

Punctually, with the stroke of one o’clock of the tower clock on top of the Grabensee stable, the four hour programme begins. With a variety of performances, the stallions are presented and each one is longing for the attention from the spectators and of course the breeders. Currently there are 120 stallions breeding actively, and each one of them, old and young, is presented in hand, under saddle or in harness at the stallion parade.

Some highlights are the great dressage quadrille and also the post carriage driven with 10 in hand. Unique at German State Studs is the free dressage performance, where the focus is on the special relationship between the horses and their handler. The atmosphere is always a little tense, as nobody knows if the horses are going to behave or decide to do their own thing. A fantastic scenery and historic uniforms and coaches, combined with classical equitation guarantee quite an experience for everybody!

Experience an unforgettable afternoon with the motto "Celle stallions and their guests" in one of the most beautiful studs in Germany.